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6 Best Stock Portfolio Tracker Apps & Software in 2023

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Previously, to track investment portfolio, investors had to maintain comprehensive spreadsheets. You don’t have to undertake this cumbersome task. Advanced technology has now enabled you to carry out investment analysis and trade your choice of stocks from mobile apps and desktop-based software. It also allows you to get vital information on all your investments at a single place. You can check their progress as well as sell them at the right time to earn huge profits.

Six best Stock Portfolio Tracker Apps and software to consider in 2023

1. Seeking Alpha:

Seeking alpha investment portfolio

This app is considered to the best stock tracker, offers valuable stock recommendations and investment research facility. There are two services offered namely Premium and Pro. Premium type caters to both advanced and intermediate investors seeking one-stop-shop, all-inclusive, affordable investment solutions. It also offers insightful analysis of stocks, financial news and much more. You can derive unlimited access to its different features. It ranges from Author performance metrics, Author ratings, earnings calls transcripts, financial statements for last 10 years. You can even get access earnings forecasts, dividend and compare stocks along with peers.

2. Stock Rover:

Stock rover investment portfolio

It is a wonderful stock trading app meant for Mac and Windows usable on tablet, mobile and desktop. You can get comprehensive information on performance, Online Tracking, portfolio analysis tools and email performance reports. Also are offered re-balancing facilities, trade planning, correlation tools, elaborate alerting facility, etc. It also helps to know instances where companies are found to trade below perceived fair value. Thus, you can buy stocks while ensuring safety. ‘Brokerage Connect’ offers read-only data feed related to your portfolio holdings.

3. Motley Fool Stock Advisor:

Motley fool stock advisor investment portfolio

Long-term investors can benefit from this Online Tracking app for stocks. Stock Advisor, its signature product provides top stock picks. You can enjoy the plan trading style that is ‘buy and hold’. It even tracks recommendations across time while offering engaged visitor community eager to earn huge returns. Besides checking out movements of stock price, you can also get to view the comments made by investors and the service. This community is referred to as ‘Motley Fool CAPS’. Taking its help, you can identify the best available stocks and buy them at the right time.

4. Kubera:

Kubera investment portfolio

This contemporary, advanced crypto tax software that helps you to track all your assets using a single platform. It offers detailed investment related information, more global currencies and has bank connections in thousands. Savvy crypto investors, real estate professionals, homeowners and young professionals benefit from this app. You can analyze data collected from the global market and track comprehensive portfolio holdings. From a single place, you can witness your net worth grow manifolds. It also allows tracking other properties like rental units, autos, homes along with assets like forex, cryptos, domain names and precious metals. This is what makes it one of the most sought-after crypto tax software.

5. SoFI:

Sofi stock portfolio

You can install it through Apple iOS, desktop and Android App. No minimum investment is necessary to open your account. You can also move money seamlessly between different investment accounts. Passive and active traders benefit from it immensely. Watchlists offer real-time data allowing you to follow stock price movements. You will also have complete control over your funds and stocks in your portfolio.

6. TradeStation:

Tradestation stock portfolio

Sophisticated investors can enjoy sing this app. You may use Android App, Apple iOS or desktop-based software. It offers trading options like Options, stocks, Mutual Funds, Futures options, Futures, Cryptocurrency, Bonds, investment analysis, etc. ETF and stock screeners are provided like RadarScreen that allows creating a list to maximum of 2,000 stocks. Monitoring can be done in real time.

If you want to make the most from your stocks, do choose the best available Stock Portfolio Tracker Apps. Selection should be based on your specific needs.

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