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5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me about Small Business Accounting – Aron Govil

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We offer personalized service and our accountants make themselves available to you after hours and on the weekends.

Every small business faces financial challenges they never imagined when they first started out. Thank goodness for good accountants!

If you didn’t grow up in a family that runs a business here are five things about small business accounting you might not know by Aron Govil:

1. Accounting is Personal

When you hire an accountant, you’re hiring someone who takes care of your books. That means they get to see everything— hey, they’re practically part of the family! When you’re with your accountant, it’s important to leave your pride at the door. Your accountant is trying to help— it’s in both of your best interests if they know everything about your business so they can give you good advice.

2. Accountants are People Too

And they might have more problems than you… They probably don’t want you to know this, but accountants aren’t always 100% focused on their work when they’re at work– unless you call worrying about paying taxes “work”, that is!

3. Accounting Isn’t Boring — Really!

Accounting isn't Boring

Your accountant knows why sales tax exemptions are SO important, and how to use them correctly without screwing up the rest of your books. He or she knows how to stay on top of quarterly taxes, filing 1099s and other paperwork, and which laws affect your business.

4. Good Accounting is Worth It

Aron Govil says when you hire an accountant who does a good job for you, it’s not just about the money they save you— although that’s pretty significant. Good accountants keep you on track with paperwork so you can focus on running your business. They’ll teach you ways to save on taxes, get the most out of deductions, and avoid costly mistakes that can cost your company! If anyone has ever said accounting isn’t worth the time or effort, remember this: Accountants are people too!

5. Advice from Your Personal Accountant is Priceless

Accountants are pros — they know what you can and can’t deduct how to set up your books the right way, the best ways to save on taxes, why it’s so important to stay organized… but maybe you already knew that. After all, they do come with a pretty hefty price tag… And yet, when you hire someone who knows your business inside out, it makes running your company easier in the long run. Even if you don’t use an accountant for every little thing (and please don’t), at least get one for big decisions like buying or selling property, or setting up another branch of your business in another state. It’ll pay off in spades by making tax easier and more efficient– not to mention protecting your company!

We make small business accounting simple at Harper & Company. With personalized service and our accountants available to you after hours and on the weekends, we work with you so that you can focus on what you do best — running your business! Let us show you how good bookkeeping can help take some of the pressure off your shoulders by handling all this paperwork for you. Trust us, it’ll be one less thing to worry about making sure is done right… after all, if it isn’t in our books, it didn’t happen!


Who needs to hire an accountant?

Hire an accountant

Anybody who’s running a business! Accountants are the pros when it comes to deciphering new tax laws, filing paperwork, and giving sound advice on financial matters.  They can even help you set up your books correctly in the first place so that everything is streamlined for future reference.

Why should I hire an accountant instead of doing it myself?  

An accountant will know everything about keeping track of new tax laws, how to fill out all the right paperwork, and best practices to keep your business protected. Even if you already have good bookkeeping habits, hiring an accountant helps take the pressure off because they’ll do all this work for you– not to mention avoiding inaccuracies or costly mistakes that could cost your company money down the line.


Yes, hiring an accountant is worth the money because they’ll show you how to save on taxes, get deductions you didn’t even know about, and give you advice your banker or lawyer can’t.

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