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5 Things Consider When Choosing a Telecom Billing Software Provider

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Whether you are a telecommunication startup or have been in business for a while, you know the importance of high-quality telecom billing software. Without the right program, it can be hard to streamline your billing process and improve the overall company’s profitability.

Telecom billing software helps with collecting data usage information, applying necessary charges, calculated amounts to be billed, creating invoices, improving debt collection, processing payments, and much more.

While it’s possible to complete some of these tasks manually, it can be tough to avoid errors and keep your employees focused on their core competencies. Telecom billing software helps you automate the billing process for a variety of telecom companies. However, not all programs are created equal.

To make sure you are buying the right software for your needs, you need to research telecom billing software providers. Here are a few things to consider when doing it.

1. Evaluate Your Needs and Goals

Whether you are a VoIP company or a telephone service provider, you need telecom billing software to have certain functionality. Not all telecom billing software is created to meet each company’s needs. Different programs have different sets of features.

To understand which programs are worth your attention, you need to determine which problems you want the software to solve. Once you know this, you can proceed to speak with telecom billing software vendors. You’ll know which questions to ask the provider and how to evaluate the functionality of the program.

2. Check the Experience

Choosing a telecom billing software provider

How long has the software vendor been on the market? Whether you need to develop custom billing software or want to opt for off-the-shelf solutions, you need to know how much experience the vendor has with the software. Questions you may want to consider include:

  •         How many programs has the vendor developed?
  •         How long has the particular solution you are considering been on the market?
  •         Are there any reviews about the software or the company?

New companies may have excellent billing solutions. However, opting for newbies could mean a lack of support, inadequate testing, loopholes, and much more. It’s better to consider experienced software vendors, who have been on the market for at least 5 years.

3. Look Up Credentials and Certificates

When evaluating a software partner, you need to make sure they are operating legally. Does the vendor have the necessary credentials and certifications to create billing software? Since you are handling customer information, it’s imperative for the software to adhere to all the related rules, regulations, and guidelines.

Respectable telecom billing software providers are always straightforward about their credentials and certifications so you can check all the information within minutes.

4. Ask for a Trial

When choosing complex solutions you need to be absolutely sure that they suit your needs. Many vendors offer you an opportunity to test the program before buying it. Some of them can provide a demo while others may offer free trials for as long as a month.

According to the developers of telecom billing software, Kansys, a trial is an excellent opportunity to figure out whether the software is worth your attention. Look for software providers who aren’t afraid to offer a trial or a demo. It usually means that they are 100% sure of their software quality.

5. Read Reviews

What do the current users of the software say? When choosing a vendor, browse the internet for reviews. It’s easy to discover recent feedback online to help you make a decision. Even if the software you want to buy is a new product, there may be some comments about previous programs developed by the provider.

If you can’t find any feedback online, consider asking the software provider for references. Ideally, you should speak with existing or previous clients to learn from their experience.

The Takeaway

A top-notch telecom software billing provider should be properly licensed and certified, have a portfolio and be on the market for more than 5 years. They should also provide you a demo or a trial upon request.

By investing time and effort into choosing the right telecom billing vendor today, you can save time and money when using the software. 

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