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5 Reasons Why You Need a Desk Riser in Your Office

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Have you ever wondered how many hours a day you sit in your office chair? On average, office workers sit for eight hours a day. That’s roughly 67 days spent being sedentary every year. A working environment that entails very little activity leads to aches and pains and hampers productivity. Worse, it may lead to more severe health problems, such as increased blood pressure and elevated blood sugar.

To alleviate the problems caused by too much sitting, innovations in office furniture are now taking the corporate world by storm. A smart and ergonomic example is using a desk riser. A desk riser is a specially designed attachment that is placed on top of a desk that allows users to lift the screen and keyboard when they want to work while standing. It also comes with a dedicated space to accommodate the mouse for a comfortable working experience.

If you’re still contemplating purchasing a desk riser for your office, the following reasons will make you hit “buy” in no time.

Portable desk risers

1. It is Portable

Desk risers are commonly lightweight, so you can carry them from your cubicle to the conference room without breaking a sweat. It would also be a breeze to bring them home so you can carry on with work with ease.

2. It Costs Less

If you cannot afford a standing desk yet, then a desk riser will be the best alternative. For less than $200, you can elevate your workspace without having to invest a lot of money. You get a high-quality and ergonomic accessory that does wonders for your health, and that alone is a substantial investment to your well-being.

3. It Helps Boost Productivity

It’s every organization’s goal to increase productivity which leads to an increase in revenue eventually. Studies show that working while standing boosts an employee’s mood and energy level, thus increasing overall productivity as well.

Research findings also show that workers who work while standing have less fatigue and stress than those who sit the whole day. Desk risers allow workers to experience increased vitality and vigor throughout the day, making them more creative and open to collaboration.

Using desk risers will prevent a sedentary life that lessens the risk of anxiety and depression. When workers have robust mental health, there is a more positive work atmosphere and more cooperation.

4. It Aids in Weight Loss

When you burn more calories than you consume, it causes weight loss. Exercise may be the best way to burn calories, but standing can also provide significant benefits. An afternoon spent standing up burns about 170 calories. It will amount to about a thousand extra calories that you can burn by merely using the desk riser. You can also check out an excellent weight loss program.

5. It Reduces Back Pain

The number-one complaint of office workers who sit all day is back pain. Standing while working by using desk risers can significantly reduce back pain. Studies have proven that there was a 32% improvement after weeks of standing for more extended hours every day at work. There is also a reported decrease in neck pain and upper back pain by 54%.

As much as employees want to be productive and strive to be the best workers that they can be, they should always think of caring for their health. Desk risers are an essential ally for a healthier and more productive workplace.

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