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5 Pillars of Successful Business Process Outsourcing

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It could be that you are planning to outsource your work to some other company. In such a case, you consider contacting a BPO company that has been in the domain for quite a long time. Being part of the IT industry, this is one business that has been dominating the economy of many countries. But before finalizing the deal, you need to have in-depth knowledge of the specific requirements. Knowing what things to do and avoid will help your business, be it small or big to be benefitted by their services. There are some pillars that you are to be aware of that contribute to selecting the best outsourcing company. One major factor playing a significant role to partner with an outsourcing company is the range of services they have on offer.

5 pillars of business process outsourcing

Most BPO companies are found to offer 5 basic pillars to organizations of all sizes and domains. These are as follows:

  • Customized technical support: Technical supports are expensive and hiring too many of them during the initial stages of your business might be out of question. You can solve this particular problem by outsourcing your specific technical tasks to experienced outsourcing companies. Partnering with such reliable outsourcing company will help you to acquire top quality technical support team. They can offer your business the opportunity to provide your customers with prompt and quality customer support. This will help smoothen customer relationships.

Successful business process outsourcing

  • Multi-channel customer care: This pillar type is concerning those agents who are required to handle and answer customer concerns and inquiries. There may be concerns arising from your offered services/products. At times, the concern can be pertaining to your brand itself. It is for this reason, it is referred to as ‘multi-channel’. The business process outsourcing company is likely to provide customer support services via different communication mediums or channels. Some of the channels offered by the outsourcing company include the following:
    • Email support: It is a channel where customers can write emails citing their concerns and requesting for appropriate remedies.
    • Phone support: It is a traditional support offered by the customer support service. In this type, the customers use the phone to convey his/her concerns.
    • Social media: This is another increasingly popular way for customers and agents to interact. This is achieved through direct, private social messages, messenger,s or comments.
    • Live Chat: This customer support type allows agents to provide relevant answers to all queries posed by customers over the designated official site.

With the services being more flexible, customers can find the service to be more convenient.

  • Versatile sales team: Such services are considered to be among the most common solutions offered by business process outsourcing Generally, sales services are performed via two effective sales solutions, namely, outbound and inbound calls.
  • Back office support: This is another popular outsourcing type to smoothen interactions taking place between customers and front-office support. This team mostly handles record maintenance, clearances, accounting, settlements and even Information Technology services. The other services offered are data management, virtual assistant, financial services and online research, etc.
  • Talented resources: Outsourcing your business to a well-established BPO will ensure that all aspects are taken care of. The outsourcing companies are likely to have employed talented, qualified staffs having adequate knowledge of your industry. They will know what to do and avoid getting the work done. This way, you along with your team can rest assured ensuring can focus on the core aspects of your business.

Thus, getting to know the 5 pillars of business process outsourcing will allow you to take the right decision.

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