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5 Ideas For Custom Promotional Items At Your Business

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Whether your business has been established for a long time or you’re just getting started, there’s never a bad time to hand out promotional items to current and potential clients. Every business, at one time or another, can benefit from handing out promotional items. Customers love to get freebies and businesses like to get their name out into the world at large and create positive impressions, so utilizing the simple marketing mechanism of promotional items seems like a no-brainer in most situations. Here are five ideas for use as promotional materials at your business or an upcoming event.


In the wider world of bottled beverages, the humble, insulated water bottle often triumphs over the tumbler. But the tumbler has unique uses over traditional water bottles. Ideal for cold drinks, these beverage containers are pretty popular. Tumblers are usually insulated as well, so your drinks remain cold for long periods.

If you are using a double-walled stainless steel tumbler, it will keep both hot and cold drinks at their respective temperatures for hours at a time. Essentially, you’re getting the best of both worlds with one of these beverage holders. So, using one as a promotional item doesn’t just provide a cool gift for customers; it’s also a great way to get your name out there with something people will use every day.

You can even get customized tumblers to sell at your business so that customers can buy a cool drinking container featuring your information.

Bottle Openers

For those days when somebody just wants to go home and relax with a nice cold bottle of something, having the means to open it is always pretty useful. A customized promotional bottle opener might be just the thing. They are relatively inexpensive items that you can use for giveaways or sell at low prices. Plus, they make an ideal gift for beer enthusiasts, which can be a good marketing angle depending on the nature of your business. A good way to go with this is to put your logo on the bottle opener so that whenever the person who gets it uses the item, they receive a positive impression with an associated experience from the product.


It may not seem like it, but a pen can be an amazing gift. The sheer variety of pens available with different types of tips, barrels, and other features makes them a great choice for your company’s promotional products.

From custom logo gel pen sets to fancy engraved pens that come in their own gift box, there’s something here for everyone. Ballpoints, fine points, metal pens,  fountain Pens (with Ferris Wheel Press ink) and other types make a great giveaway, and handing out a few custom pens at various other businesses can generate some buzz for you.

They’re also perfect for events, trade shows, business meetings, and more. Some even have a stylus end that can be useful for working with conductive touchscreen devices like phones and tablets.


Almost everyone drives or needs a key for their home. So, why not add a little bit of personality to their keys or keyrings with a personalized promotional keychain? A keychain can come in various shapes and sizes with unique designs. One can customize the keychain with a company logo or some kind of imagery while making it compact enough to look good or fit with the recipient’s keyring. Best of all, keychains are easy to make and quite inexpensive to obtain so they effectively become a useful marketing tool in the long run


Bags custom promotional items

In today’s more modern, eco-friendly world a reusable bag is a hot-ticket item for some people. Tote bags are often used when people pick up groceries or other items while shopping as a way to reduce their carbon footprints and/or protect the environment.

While that is a lofty and appreciable goal, your organization can sell or distribute tote bags of its own. Bags can be inscribed with a custom logo or information about your business. Design-wise, bright colors and nice-looking trim are available to give an elegant look to the bag itself.

They come in a variety of different colors and have many uses outside of mere shopping. Making tote bags available will ultimately satisfy customers extensively while also giving you the opportunity to make a great impression on past, present, and future patrons.

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