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5 Hotel Amenities You Should Take More Advantage Of

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For some people, staying at a hotel is an indulgent getaway from the real world. For others, it’s a regular part of the job, and they’d rather be home.

No matter where you fall on the spectrum, if you spend any time in a hotel, you should make the most of your experience. Sure, the comfort of the room is important, but there are many other amenities to take advantage of.

As the hospitality industry grows and becomes more competitive, it’s common to expect certain amenities in your hotel. The next time you head out for a trip, whether for business or leisure (or both), check for these extras and use them to level up your stay.

1. No-Contact Services

Did living through the pandemic get you used to digital conveniences? If so, you’ll love the changes in the hospitality realm.

Anything that can be contactless is, from check-in to room service and beyond. Scan the QR code in your room to view the pillow menus, order your next meal, or book a salon or spa appointment.

Questions? Ask the chatbot or text a front desk person and get almost-instant feedback.

These options vary by hotel, but the variety of no-contact services is expanding. Soon, you’ll be able to do just about everything without person-to-person interactions unless you choose to engage in them.

2. Live and Virtual Workouts

Fitness is a massive trend today, but it’s easy to fall out of your workout routine when you’re away from home. It’s not enough to have the equipment available to use somewhere in the hotel; you need that push to hold you accountable. That’s where live and virtual workouts come in handy.

Some hotels provide live trainers or virtual exercise classes. You can sign up online (another contactless service) or show up during a scheduled session. These classes are usually free, although you may have to pay for a private lesson.

3. Restaurant Delivery

On-site restaurants are available in most hotels. However, they don’t always have what you want, can be pricey, and aren’t usually open 24/7.

Instead of going without or hitting the vending machine for a candy bar meal, check with the front desk to see what restaurants in the area partner with your hotel for free delivery.

You can always use DoorDash (Instacart, GrubHub, etc.), but don’t do it off your account just yet. Wyndham Hotels & Resorts and other chains have partnered with delivery services to give guests access to the service for free, and they get a discount on their first order. Ask the front desk if there’s a promo code you can use, and you could get a cheaper meal plus hotel reward points.

4. Coworking Office Areas

Coworking office areas hotel amenities

Corporate hotels offer high-tech amenities to attract their share of this massive industry. With so many people working nomadic and virtual jobs, the newest trend is a coworking office area.

In these spaces, guests can access desktop and laptop computers, high-speed WiFi, all-in-one printers, and other helpful office accessories. Don’t worry if you forgot your charger; you’ll likely find a spare you can use here.

There’s enough room for a group of people to work and stay socially distant, so if you’re here with your colleagues, set up a block of time to be productive together.

5. Pet-Friendly Rooms

If you’ve been to a few hotels lately, you’ve probably noticed the pet policies have relaxed substantially. Now, it’s easy to find pet-friendly accommodations, although you’ll likely still have to pay the non-refundable per-pet deposit and follow the hotel’s rules on the number and types of pets allowed.

If Fido or Fifi are your furry kids and you don’t want to leave them home alone, look for a hotel where pets aren’t just allowed, they’re as welcome as humans! What kind of amenities does the hotel provide for animals? Is there an on-site pet sitter or daycare you can hire to keep your dog/cat/other from being alone while you’re gone all day?

Gone are the days of limited pet-friendly hotels. Go ahead and plan on bringing your pet with you if you don’t mind the extra expense of traveling with them.


Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve stayed at a hotel, or you’ve limited your stays to the same chain. When you branch out and expand your horizons, you’ll see that each brand has its own unique stamp it uses to attract guests, including the amenities offered.

Bring your pet with you, indulge in discounted meals (and work them off with a trainer or virtual workout), and enjoy the rest of the amenities you have access to simply for being a guest. Who knows — you might not want to leave!

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