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5 CNC Machining Trends for 2022

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As the year 2022 progresses, astute manufacturers will want to keep an eye on the CNC machining industry to prepare for and take advantage of the significant advances that are currently emerging.

Here in this article, we will discuss 5 CNC machining trends for 2022, so continue reading this article.

1. Combining CNC Machining with 3D Printing

Many manufacturing facilities now can perform “hybrid manufacturing,” combining CNC turning and milling with a direct metal-laser sintering technique or another additive process. More businesses are investigating how CNC machines and 3D printers can work together to complete projects.

2. CNC Robots

CNC robots are a development that shows promise since they can interact with people and may automate risky or challenging operations in machine shops.

The use of feedback systems and vision sensors with various forms of precision CNC machining has risen with the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI). Additionally, it has made it possible for milling machine sensors to alter their closeness or speed to the cutting surface in response to feedback, enabling predictive maintenance and corrections during processing.

Cnc machining

3. New Industrial Internet Of Things (IIoT) Devices

Companies now find it simpler to network CNC machines and other production equipment thanks to new IIoT devices. These internet-connected gadgets can provide new functionalities for CNC machines, such as remote operations monitoring.

The brand-new gadgets track the CNC machines’ operational parameters using IIoT sensors as well. The data that has been acquired over time can be used to create predictive models that foretell when equipment will break down or need maintenance. This strategy might enable businesses to enhance their maintenance schedule. Additionally, it might help extend the life of CNC machines and enable businesses to experience maintenance cost reductions.

4. Multiple Axis Machining

When automation was introduced as 3-axis machining, the idea of moving drills and moving beds generated various creative new ways for CNC machining. With today’s sophisticated programming tools and technological advancements, this has become a reality.

In reality, machines with 4 and 5 axes were created and have been available for many years. But these devices have just recently become accessible and affordable for the entire industry.

6-axis machines are currently enhancing CNC machining capabilities even further. The demand for complicated designs and finer tolerances from customers will drive the growth of multiple axes CNC machining in 2022.

5. Advances in CAD/CAM software

In the last five to ten years, CAD/CAM has become steadily more accessible. In addition to being more affordable, the application is now easier to use, more accessible, and more powerful than it was before.

With the help of this improved CAD/CAM software, it is now feasible to create processes with even greater inventiveness and productivity.

Model-based definition (MBD) tools, 3D viewing systems, and other technologies are all integrated with CAD/CAM software. These connections reduce the possibility of user error and improve accessibility for CAD/CAM applications.

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