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5 Best PTO Tracking Softwares For HR Managers in 2022

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PTO is tracking software that offers a mechanism for managing absences. This is an automated system.  Requests for time off are submitted by employees and approved by the designated administrator.

Employees can see who is presently available in the workplace through the company intranet. Supervisors can keep track of workers who are on vacation, in the workplace, and working at home thanks to visual calendar displays.

With PTO software, businesses can design unique leave policies, efficiently explain them to employees, and fairly enforce them.

Companies that use time monitoring software have a distinct advantage over those that rely on obsolete PTO tracker tools like Excel sheets. Let’s now examine the reasons PTO trackers are necessary for businesses, employers, employees, and admins, as well as the many solutions.

Why Utilize a PTO Tracking Program?

PTO monitoring software is preferred by firms over more dated time-off management systems for a variety of reasons. The following are some of the most productive PTO monitoring software:

1. Factorial HR PTO Tracking System

Factorial hr pto tracking system pto tracker tools

Our #1 choice for PTO management software is Factorial HR. This resourceful start-up provides everything a business must keep track of leaves on a simple dashboard.

A comprehensive array of HR processes is integrated by Factorial with its effective time-tracking application. Employers may receive priceless insights into their employees using Factorial’s employee time monitoring, performance appraisal, and payment reporting features.

Factorial is a well-known PTO manager with over 80,000 organizations utilizing it, and it addresses the problems that employers encounter most frequently.

2. ZOHO People PTO Tracking Software for HR Managers

Zoho people pto tracking software for hr managers pto tracker tools

Businesses can manage time-off requests effectively with the help of Zoho People. It can accommodate enterprises of all sizes and nationalities because of its flexible formats and support for ten essential languages excellent user interface

This is a Cloud-based software offering a fantastic knowledge base with instruction and documentation. It is always a great way to retrieve feedback from all angles and automated scheduling.

3. Pro UKG

Pro ukg pto tracker tools

Users can manage paid leave-off on this system for a reasonable price. Furthermore, it is great for smaller businesses thanks to its exceptional customer service and simple-to-configure applications. This is a wise choice for tiny businesses. Some people are concerned about the cluttered design and lack of personalization choices, although others are not intuitive.

Overall, it is suitable for a tiny company that only requires the bare minimum of functionality.

4. CakeHR(sage)

Cakehr pto tracker tools

This PTO monitoring software is easy to use and provides a respectable level of flexibility for businesses wishing to go beyond conventional PTO management techniques. Your specific price depends on the number of employees you employ and the features you select. With one person and one module, the monthly minimum is $5.5 per worker.

CakeHR is unquestionably a great option for small to mid-sized businesses, even though it is deficient in aspects needed by larger ones, such as the manual handling of historical data.

5. GoCo

Goco pto tracker tools

GoCo manages vacation and time off and is an easy-to-use PTO management tool that makes the process more effective. This program is unquestionably a fantastic choice because it allows for the management of various leave types and unlimited rules.

GoCo offers individualized quotations based on the needs of the organization and prices per worker begin at $5 each month.

Although it is a decent platform, competing platforms with the same functionality cost less. Despite there being a few hiccups with insufficient capability and an unoptimized user interface, overall it is a solid pick.


PTO monitoring software is a terrific approach to make sure you reduce administrative and employee burdens while keeping record-high office productivity.

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