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5 Best Open Source Resource Management Software for Agile Teams

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Implementing open source resource management software is to adapt to changing environments effectively. It is different from the traditional ones, but there is a need to use these tools to achieve the goal. The open source software encourage agile teams for everything, development, design, and testing. Agile promotes frequent, short feedback loops and it embraces changing requirements.

Best open source project management software 

1. OpenProject

Openproject project management software

It is robust open source software for resource management notable for its rich project management and ease of use featuring team collaboration features. OpenProject is one of the best open source project management software that has different modules to support each stage of the project. It has scheduling, project planning, release planning, roadmap, cost reporting, time tracking, budgeting, agile, bug tracking, and scrum.

The OpenProject agile features include tracking tasks, prioritizing sprints, creating stories, and stays integrated with other modules. OpenProject offers support, and offers for paid hosting. It offers features in addition as custom branding, UX conveniences, additional metadata, and easy SSO Single Sign-on.

2. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 best open source resource management software

Bitrix24 is a solution for project management and the best part is it has all-in-one solution. It features collaboration tools integrated CRM, ecommerce, and CMS. It allows enjoying efficiency over diverse teams. Bitrix 24 solution features a set of collaboration tools such as send chats, enjoy group video calls for zero cost, make announcements to agile teams through video, conduct polls, and more. You can enjoy 5 GB online free storage to share files.

It offers a free edition offering access to SaaS platform and allows managing agile projects of all kinds. It provides interactive Gantt charts and Kanban boards for users at no extra cost. It offers the 360° approach that features doing functionalities beyond the project management.

3. Orangescrum

Orangescrum project management software

Orangescrum helps in planning strategically everything. It enables achieving optimal results and higher efficiency. This open source resource management software tool manages agile for your teams and also the simple projects. It helps in making strategies, executing the plan, planning it well, and allowing team to complete within the deadline successfully.

Orangescrum integrates visual project planning and workflow to increase the rates of success. You get to manage budgets and financial activities by monitoring expenses of the project. It helps in collaborating real-time and using minimum resources as you assign to your teammate the roles. Using this software on iOS or Android devices is the advantage and you can track work or centralize project information ensuring easy access from anywhere.

4. Wekan

Wekan open source resource management software

Wekan is an open-source and free project management software. It is one of the top open source project management tools. It keeps work organized and is an unbeatable tool. It features the Kanban board that ensures organized work, and includes planning holidays, maintaining a to-do list, and viewing the current status of the project.

Wekan helps enhance productivity and focus on important items. There is the advantage of one-click installation on server or computer. Wekan is available in 63 languages. It allows managing a real-time user interface, supports several platforms.

5. Odoo

Odoo project management tools

Odoo is a full, integrated suite including human resources, accounting, website and e-commerce, sales management (CRM), manufacturing, inventory, and other tools. This edition is an open and free source community that has few features than the paid suites. It includes a Kanban style in its project management application that includes task tracking viewing for agile teams.

Odoo project management tools have Gantt charts, issues, graphs, tasks, and lots more. It provides user guides and is a thriving community. It is available for Windows, Linux for download and requires PostgreSQL and Python. Odoo is the best open source project management software having source on GitHub and features a Docker image.

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