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5 Best Mobile Marketing Trends

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People are spending more time on their phones with each passing day. Few industries emerged with mobile marketing. Mobile technologies change rapidly and so are consumer habits. Businesses are compelled to stay ahead in the competition that they have to stay relevant with mobile marketing trends.

Recent trends in mobile marketing

1. Mobile Payment

The introduction of Apple Pay or Google Pay, the digital wallets has set the latest trends in mobile marketing. It is helpful in making it highly popular and useful for consumers and technological giants. The result now is that mobile wallet apps are popular than plastic cards. There is a need to staying in touch with the trends as most allow paying using the wallet apps. Mobile payments benefit businesses and consumers. It is faster and completes in less time, thus leading to an increase in loyalty and better customer service.

2. Shoppable Ads and Social Commerce

Shoppers in the past discovered new brands and products on social platforms as they took to browsing. It means they navigated the website for the brand and made a purchase. Thus, toggling through platforms disrupted the experience of the users, resulting in lower conversion rates due to frustration. Shoppable ads and social commerce now integrate into social media the eCommerce, thereby enabling users a seamless shopping experience.

3. Leveraging chatbots

Leveraging chatbots mobile marketing trends

The recent trends in mobile marketing is all about the chatbots. Today social platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram are the world for most people. Everyone appears to be present on social platforms that marketers keep looking to take advantage of these platforms. Marketers bring their services to messaging apps by adding AI bots or chatbots. It helps to solve queries and in providing information to customers. The chatbots are fully loaded with details that without any delay the customers get their answers. The chatbots help in resolving complaints and also assist in the registration process.

4. Video marketing

The mobile marketing latest trend is video marketing. The videos are attractive and it is the choice of people to see and buy. The videos attract the attention of the users and after watching the video or tutorials, buying becomes simple. A two-minute video is preferred to going through a long and lengthy content of information. People find video marketing helpful and it promotes organic traffic. It offers utmost satisfaction as they get to see short and unique videos relevant to their product.

5. Increase in Mobile gaming

Mobile gaming is the real fever that has taken over a large crowd. In fact, it has become really big and the gaming revenue has escalated to heights. There is an increase in mobile gaming and has resulted in tremendous growth driven by hard-core gamers. The mobile marketing trends are working to make the operating models easy to use so that people of all ages enjoy mobile gaming. The tablets and smartphones are allowing its users to play games, anywhere and everywhere, that mobile gaming is not new anymore. It is the most loved choice of most users. Besides, the game development process is also improving making sense to enjoy gaming using the handy device, your mobile. The developers of mobile games are catering to the consumers and are helping them develop their business. The mobile gaming developers lure their users by offering attractive new games for free, as in-app games. It brings more users and the mobile gamers get to make in-app purchases. Thus, users also generate revenue through their in-gaming.

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