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5 Best Humanoid Robots in the World

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Just imagine a life in which you would be served teas and food by robots. Or the news is being cast by the humanoid robots. Or you are being served closely by the customer care service ROBOTIC agents. No, we are not putting you in a futuristic scenario. It is the present world – the year 2020!

In this innovative age of technology, many companies have come forth to create human-looking robots. The humanoid robots will be created to serve actual humans in the service sectors. So, robots are manufactured to look close to humans as much as possible. Following is a list of the top 05 best humanoid robots in the world:

1. Nadine – Excellent Customer Care Service Agent

Nadine robot

If you are talking to an excellent customer care service agent, you would probably be talking to a humanoid robot. Nadine is a humanoid robot, who has a human-looking body and lifelike features. She can recognize you from past meetings, reflect on previous meetings, shake the hands, and make eye contact.

Nadine had been developed by Kokoro Japan. Her software was developed at the Nanyang Technological University. Nadine is currently employed at the AIA Singapore (an insurance Company).

2. Sophia – World Best Robot

Sofia robot

Sophia is the world’s first robot that has acquired citizenship. Sophia is an extremely popular humanoid Robot, who had been awarded citizenship by the Saudi government. Sophia was developed to look alike the Audrey Hepburn. She has appeared in various such as interviews of UNO and Jimmy Fallon. Sophia was created by Mr. Hanson, who believes that she can become a crowd manager, old age companion, etc.

3. Erica – The Best Humanoid Robot

Erica robot

When we said news being delivered by the robots, we meant it! If you are in Japan, you would probably be hearing the morning news from Erica. Erica is a Japanese robot that reads the news. Erica was developed by Hiroshi Ishiguro, who is the director of the Intelligence Robotics Laboratory at Osaka University. With special emphasis on her speaking capabilities, Erica was created as one of the most beautiful and most intelligent humanoid robots. Though Erica cannot physically move or walk, she has amazing speech capabilities. Eric can change her facial expression during a conversation.

4. Junko Chihira – The Best Humanoid Robot Tour Guide

Junko chihira robot

Junko Chihira, the best humanoid robot in Japan, is the world’s best tour guide. She answers the plausible and excellent answers from the local tourist information center. Junko Chihira was also developed by Hiroshi Ishiguro using the Toshiba technology. She has the capability to greet tourists in three languages such as Chinese, English, and Japanese. Junko has been programmed to guide the hearing-impaired persons as well by using sign language.

With the creation of Junko Chihira, Toshiba has made great strides in the advancement of artificial intelligence.

5. Jia Jia – Robotics Goddess in China

Jia jia robot

Jia Jia, called Robotics Goddess in China, is the world’s best humanoid robot, developed by the team from the University of Science and Technology of China. Jia Jia is one of the most gorgeous women in China. Her beauty is furthermore increased with the capability of Jia to talk and reply accordingly. She is embedded with the speech-generation algorithms and facial recognition technology. This allows her to recognize different faces in the same room.


In the future, the public sector and public places will be filled with humanoid robots. So, humanoid robots will be the servants of the public, capable of serving humans to their best. These 5 best humanoid robots in the world are just a beginning towards the futuristic advanced full-human-like humanoid robots.

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