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5 Benefits Of E-Agriculture For Smallholder Business

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With modern technologies being amalgamated into the various sectors of economies, the ever-growing agricultural branch is finally becoming among its beneficiaries. With the help of Pinduoduo, here are the benefits of E-agriculture and how they can improve one of the pillar-industries that feeds over 7.6 billion people around the planet. 

5 Benefits Of E-Ag: Smallholder Selling Context

  1. Diversification 

Where smallholders were limited to single marketing outlets because of either high traffic or inactivity, these irregular and often inconsistent fluctuations can be dealt away with. How? With E-Agriculture. 

E-Ag opens the doors for market diversification. Online enterprising for multiple products and services by agriculture-smallholders is now possible. And it is possible with astounding convenience, too. Single-commodity and service limitations can be dealt away with through the fusion of E-commerce and agriculture.

  1. Online Presence For Small Businesses 

The web is where businesses thrive the most today. Statistics reinforce this now-fact. Consumers are shifting from traditional, in-store purchasing to online buying, and businesses are following the trend with incredible speed.

The agricultural sector is following suit well and long after a long period of being buried in traditional business practices. And for online buyer-consumers? Their numbers are increasing every year. For 2021, analysts are foreseeing a jump from 1.5 billion to 2.14 billion consumers. Think of this number as your potential market for agricultural commodities and produce. 

  1. Technical Support On-The-Go 

Having an agriculture enterprise online and working with a team who will continually keep your online shop’s features up-to-date is a leap towards the positive. With E-commerce platforms, smallholders can seek technical aid and support from the experts of the same. 

The upkeep of your online store is one task you can cross off from your list as maintenance of front-end and backend technical workings will be shouldered by the platform’s tech support staff. 

  1. Website Analytics 

Website analytics

A massive advantage of E-Ag is the capacity of web-platforms to be framed with algorithms that can aid with data and website analytics. The number of views, clicks, store ranking in comparison to that of your competitors, devices used by consumers where they shop the most, how long they stay on ag-shop pages… The list goes way on, and on it will continue indeed. 

All of these variables were once impossible to calculate. Or that it was doable, but only by hiring paid professionals who charge far beyond businesses’ earning benchmarks. An expense and challenge you can leap over through E-commerce PLUS Agriculture.

  1. Customer Experience And Loyalty

With the world turning to online trade even when it comes to agricultural commodities and services, consumers do not focus merely on the product itself. They fix their eyes on the enterprise as well. Specifically, customer service and experience

Answering inquiries, product information-dissemination, order updates (i.e. schedule of shipment, etc.), and more— these can be addressed with a simple click on your online seller platform.

The advantages of E-agriculture in the context of enterprising is insurmountable, and they will continue to widen in scope and in reach. Aside from E-agriculture benefitting smallholders in terms of “groundwork” technologies (i.e. weather forecasting, soil testing, irrigation monitoring, etc.), from an E-Ag seller perspective, you stand to gain much more than ever before. 

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