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5 Benefits of a Route Planning Solution for a Small Business

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Do you own or operate a small business? Then you likely never have enough time within the day. Like many small business owners and managers out there, you are always seeking tools to help you save time and get rid of some daily chaos. In short, you are searching for a tool that puts you back in complete control.

Route planning solutions do all this and much more. Did you know they cut the manual planning time from hours to minutes? What’s more, they streamline things and offer more control over your day. Rather than using Google Maps or a pen and paper to plan your routes manually, you can just enter the addresses into your route planning solution and automate it.

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In just seconds, you can create an easy-to-follow, automated route plan that will lessen drive time for your staff. Also, you have more features that can increase your efficiency and grow your profitability.

What are the benefits of using a sales route planner?

Simplifying things and saving time are not the only benefits that sales route planner solutions offer. Here are some of their benefits you may want to consider.

1. Increases productivity

Businesses that use a route planning solution can save as much as twenty hours per week with automated route planning and will notice a substantial decrease in drive time. However, route planning solutions also can help you perform more sales activity with less sales personnel while keeping down costs. That could help increase business profitability and growth at the same time.

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2. Lessens carbon emissions

Route planning solutions create the most efficient routes, which helps to cut fuel usage. That limits the number of carbon emissions small businesses create and safeguards the environment. That is a big plus for eco-conscious businesses.

3. Enhances customer service

Enhances customer service route planning solution

A sales route planner helps your business meet tight schedules. Further, they also help small businesses make necessary changes to a scheduled route plan on demand, allowing them to deal with emergencies comfortably while keeping customers happy.

4. Improve control over the driver

Without a sales route planning solution, it is nearly impossible to tell how drivers are performing. They could be making unplanned stops or taking their time. A sales route planner helps you to monitor the activities of your driver. They can also tell you whether your drivers are hustling or delaying. Using a route planning solution can help to build a balance between the two, and can allow for planned stops during longer driving trips.

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5. Decrease transportation expenses

A route planning solution can substantially lessen labor and fuel expenses, often by as much as thirty-nine percent. That is a major perk for any small business trying to stay within its budget for outside sales activity. What’s more, drivers spend less time on the road, which lessens the wear and tear on the vehicles they are using and minimizes maintenance expenses.

In summary

The use of a sales route planner can save a small business both money and time, putting you back in complete control. As such, you should look to implement a proven solution with a track record of success, excellent customer support, and route optimization.

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