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4 tips to help your child with coding

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Coding is a skill that is becoming more widely understood across the world which is why it is beginning to attract the attention of children and their parents. However, knowing exactly how to help your child with coding can be lost on parents.

There are many benefits that coding can have on children and so, now is the time to introduce them to it. Here are our top 4 tips to help your child with coding.

Make it fun

Coding with your child is meant to be fun, so allow it to be that way. Encourage your child to tackle a new project that is fun and relevant to them e.g. video games.

Video games are a great starting point for any child coder and simple games that you may find on a mobile phone such as Flappy Bird or Angry Birds are great to use as inspiration. They are basic games that can provide hours of fun for people. Once completed, your child can play with their creation and feel a real sense of pride in their work. 

Make it accessible

Having the knowledge to teach your child coding may be uncommon for most parents but fortunately, there are plenty of resources readily available on the internet which can expand your understanding further.

However, we recommend getting a starter kit from a reputable supplier as this is the easiest way to get started with this newfound hobby. The kits tend to come with an entry-level board as well as a step-by-step guide to getting started.

Hire a tutor

Hire a tutor child coder

Let’s face it, the internet is only so good for training the minds of parents and sometimes it is easier to pass the hard work over to a professional of the coding world.

Knowing how to pick the best tutor for your child is the first step in this process but once you have hired a tutor, your child’s progress should sky-rocket.

 Do it with them

Perhaps the best way to tackle this new skill is to do it with them. You and your child can learn the steps of coding at the same pace which will help to keep you both motivated to carry on.

Having hobbies in common with your children is one of the best ways to form a strong bond with them, so get stuck into coding with your child.

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