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3 Ways to Research Someone You Met Online

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When you meet someone on the internet, the whole experience can be quite exhilarating, especially if you are looking for a new relationship and you are using the World Wide Web and dating apps to achieve your goal. There’s flirting and compliments, along with friendly conversation to get to know each other better. Plus, there’s the excitement that comes with thinking that you might have found “the one” and you are ready to meet them in person as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, not all relationships that start online are safe or healthy. There are many scammers who take advantage of others online by pretending that they want to be in a relationship. They might ask you for gifts or money, or they might just want to harm you physically or emotionally. Therefore, when you meet someone on internet chatrooms, it isn’t strange to look up more information about them to see if they’re being honest with you about who they are and where they have been.

What are some ways that you can easily find more information about someone you met online? Below are three methods that are worth trying.

See What the Internet Tells You About Them

To research someone online, you need to use a search engine to uncover what websites they appear on. So, you can simply start by typing their name into Google or whichever search engine you prefer. You might even want to see if different results appear on different search engines, so definitely use more than one if you want to.

You might find that the individual has a criminal past and made headlines because of their behavior, or perhaps they excelled in school or sports and got into local newspapers that way. Websites or blogs that they run, or social media accounts that they have set up, might also show up in these results, all shedding a bit more light on who they are.

Browse a People Search Website

Browse a people search website

When you perform your internet search on someone, you are likely to find that their information is listed on people search websites. But you can also go to these websites directly if you know about them.

Nuwber is a good place to start because you can search for someone by their name, address, or phone number. Then, you might be able to see a lot of details about them, such as their contact details, their police records and lawsuits, their property records, and more. If you have their phone number, check it on PhoneHistory.

If someone is being dishonest about who they are, where they are located, and more, you might be able to find out by looking for them on various people search websites. So, this is a step that you certainly don’t want to neglect.

Run a Background Check on Them

Finally, if you want to dig even deeper into someone’s past or you are worried that they might be scamming you or putting you in danger, there are websites, including people search websites, that can help you run a background check quickly, easily, and affordably. By getting a background check, you can verify whether or not they have a criminal past, so this is yet another step that is worth considering.

Once you have used the three steps above to do some research on someone you met on the internet, you will have a better idea of how to proceed in your relationship with them.

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