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2021’s Top 7 QR Code Readers

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The last time you went out to eat, how did you look at the menu? Since the pandemic, restaurants have had to adapt in more ways than one. One of those ways is the ordering process through QR codes.

When you sit down at the table, you will notice something that resembles a barcode prompting you to scan here. What happens when you do via your smartphone is a link to the menu. Head there to begin your order.

Other than this, QR codes offer many different options such as Wi-Fi, crypto, or website. To find the best QR code readers out there, read our guide below.

Camera App

You don’t have to go very far to find quality QR code readers. Your camera app, whether on Android or iPhone, will do the trick. No downloading is required; fire up your camera app, aim it at a QR code, and you’re good.

Qr code readers top 7 qr code readers

Once you point the camera at the QR code, a link will pop up, notifying you if you’d like to visit the URL. Just tap the link, and boom, you’re off! It may take some backing up or using your flashlight if you’re in low light, FYI.

The camera app is great and all, but if you’d like more functionality, you’re going to want to download one or more of the apps below.


Bar-Code is one of the oldest QR code reader apps to date. Just because it’s a dinosaur doesn’t mean it should be overlooked. Other than QR codes, Bar-Code supports many barcodes, including EAN, UPC, ISBN, etc.

Speaking of additional barcodes, for a great barcode scanner c# tutorial, follow that link.

With the Bar-Code app, you can either scan QR codes as you would with the camera or pull up a photo of the code. To perform the latter, hit the main button to begin the scan. From here, you can perform a specific action, such as sending it elsewhere.

To head to the URL or location of the QR, tap “Search the last barcode on the Internet.”

QR Droid

Not only is QR Droid one of the best QR code readers out there, but it also allows you to generate your own QRs. QR Droid’s XQR codes allow you to link any sort of content readily available.

With the QR codes, feel free to customize them further and track their stats along the way. Create and scan all within the same app!

When searching apps for reading QR codes, look no further than QR Droid. If you’re an iPhone user, you’ll need to look elsewhere as it’s Android only, unfortunately.

Kaspersky’s QR Scanner

Kaspersky’s QR scanner only scans QR codes. While it may be limited there, Kasperky’s makes up for it with security.

When learning how to scan QR codes, you may not think about the phishing and malware aspects. Kaspersky’s QR Scanner protects you from this. You might notice some sluggishness as a result, but it is worth it in the end.

The look and feel of Kaspersky’s are top-notch. Saving your scans, using the built-in browser, and copying links are amongst its many features.

Scan the Day Away With QR Code Readers

We hope you enjoyed our guide on QR code readers. Have you found the one you like yet? Feel free to try multiple and see what lands with you.

Technology is all around us in our ever-changing world. To stay in tune with everything, we encourage you to practice your QR scanning skills and head to our blog today!

You will find just what you’re looking for in our informative guides and articles.

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