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15 Unique Side Hustle Ideas To Increase Your Income in 2023

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The recent Covid-19 pandemic followed by the ongoing Ukraine-Russia conflict has only increased global inflation. Families are now forced to look for other modes of income apart from their main job. Moreover, engaging in Side Hustles can help meet growing family needs.

15 Side Hustles you can engage in to make extra income in 2023

1. Personal Training:

You may be a fitness enthusiast and have knowledge about weight resistance training. Also, you are aware of different types of exercises and nutrition. You can offer people of all ages personalized fitness training to earn an average of $70/hour.

2. Online tutoring:

If you are good at academics, then why not teach students of different classes based on your qualifications and knowledge? With the right certifications, you can earn around $30-100.

3. Freelance Graphic designing:

You can freelance if you have knowledge of graphic design. Several portals offer part-time and freelance work allowing earning an average of $29. Experienced artists are in huge demand across the globe. You may use the web to get clients.

Freelance graphic designing

4. Help SMEs manage digital operations and Social Media:

SMEs invest in digital marketing strategies to increase their customer reach. They seek data analysts for crunching vital information, content writing for site development, and/or outsourcing social media management.

5. Uber driver:

If you are confident in driving and own a car or bike and a smartphone then why not consider driving for Uber. You can earn around $19.43 on average.

6. Party planning:

You must be highly organized, love working with others, and meet stringent deadlines. An event manager work will fetch you around $12-75. You may organize a bridal shower, housewarming, or birthday party.

7. Photography:

If you love taking pictures why not convert your hobby into a good hustle to grow your Retirement Fund? The average per-hour salary offered is around $17.44. You just need the basic skills, equipment, and accessories.

8. Freelancing on Upwork:

You can get freelance work from reputed portals like Freelancer, Upwork, etc. There are different types of jobs meant for people with different skill sets. It includes graphic designing, programming, web development, etc.

9. Auto Detailing and Car Washing:

It is among the lucrative hustles available today where you get to earn around $8.75 to $20.21. You can also retain them easily by providing them with quality work. You can accept physical or Virtual Credit Cards for getting payments.

10. Walking dogs:

If you are pet-friendly, then you can consider helping others in taking out their dogs to earn around $16/hour on average. The number of people owning pets is increasing with each passing day.

11. Blogging:

Bloggers are found to earn a monthly amount of approximately $500 to $200. Make sure your blog offers readers valuable content. But it is no quick-get-income scheme. You need to develop a loyal subscriber base, optimize your blogs and engage in digital marketing.

12. Cooking/Baking:

If you have a passion for cooking and/or baking, then as a side business, you can earn an average of $13.02/hour. You can even give cooking lessons, virtual/physical.

Cooking or baking

13. Create YouTube content:

You can promote anything and everything over YouTube including Virtual Credit Cards. Monetize your account using AdSense. Also, get corporate clients and promote their products/services.

14. Sell art online:

If you have a passion for art (traditional and digital), you can sell them for a decent amount at Storenvy or Amazon. There is good money in this business provided you know where to look for the right type of clients.

15. Sell products through E-commerce sites:

There are platforms like Amazon, Etsy, Big Cartel, eBay, etc. where you can sell your products or that of other companies. You can earn around $1,000-25,000 a month.

Improve your income and experience

The fact is that selecting a good side hustle is sure to enhance your Retirement Fund and resume.

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