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11 Top Spend Management Solutions for Small to Big Business

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There are different types of software solutions that need to be adopted by big and small businesses alike. One such program is Spend Management. It is used to ensure better documentation, compliance, visibility and control. Businesses can avoid unnecessary spending, reduce costs, pay employees and vendors on time. Budget is allocated to carry out activities like inventory resupply, capital equipment and insurance. But budget leaks could damage profit margins especially if spending goes unsupervised.

Experiencing issues

As business scales up, a lot of issues are faced in volumes, thereby challenging business profitability. Hence, all sizes of businesses need to adopt such management tool as it helps to understand where money is being spent.

Top 11 Spend Management tools

1. Zoho Expense:

Zoho expense spend management tool

This tool is ideal for growing businesses and takes care of expense and travel management. Businesses can automate expense reporting, control spending, simplify corporate travel and derive financial insights. Using AI-powered technology, it detects fraudulent activities enabling better audits and being prepared for tax.

2. Airbase:

Airbase spend management tool

This comprehensive tool is designed to suit different businesses. It includes enterprises, pre-IPO businesses, mid-market companies, small businesses and early stage companies. It provides a wide range of oversight, auditing and spend control solutions. There is offered Receipt Management module, Security & Fraud Detection module, etc.

3. Spendesk:

Spendesk spend management tool

It offers several intuitive, helpful features like OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and integrations. Using this tool, businesses can automate recurring expenses. This powerful tool matches expense claims perfectly to respective invoice, thereby saving valuable time. It also improves Customer Relationship Management, thus boosting satisfaction.

4. Emburse:

Emburse  spend management tool

This tool is meant for big MNCs and startups. Solutions offered include accounts payable, expense management, streamlined payment system, purchasing automation, data dashboards, business management, travel management, audit, etc. Virtual cards issuable through its platform via Emburse Spend are offered.

5. Mesh Payments:

Mesh payments spend management tool

Thus software when used can help curb spending leakages. Spend Insights functionality of this tool offers vital data insights when desired. On viewing spend item, the tool’s mobile app shows automatically future savings opportunities, present rate spend forecasting, etc.

6. Coupa:

Coupa spend management tool

This popular Budgeting tool is offered with cloud access. It helps manage spending across diverse verticals like procurement, payments, supply chains, etc. To enable convenient speed management, there are present three tool stack, namely, Applications, BSM platform and Copua business community.

7. Brex:

Brex  spend management tool

This tool helps speed up operations finances and complies with policies of the company concerning expenses and spending. Employees using this tool can submit accurate expenses while accounting team gets to audit such expenses effortlessly. This Customer Relationship Management tool instills financial discipline among the staff and company.

8. Ramp:

Ramp spend management tool

Business management expense system has been divided into four mega modules, namely, Start, Save, Scale and Streamline. Different modules are designed to serve different purposes. It will be essential to understand these modules to benefit from using them.

9. Teampay:

Teampay spend management tool

This Cloud-based app ensures the finance team is able to analyze all spends arising from different business verticals. Company stakeholders can even get everyday spend’s real-time views, thus enabling them to take limitations on spending.

10. PayEm:

Payem spend management tool

It brings advanced automation in controlling your business spends, SaaS subscriptions meant for employees and vendor subscriptions at a single place. Therefore, no separate software is desired for diverse spend heads. For 3rd party vendors, you may create/issue virtual credit cards. Also can be assigned contact point to control spend.

11. Workday:

Workday  spend management tool

This popular human capital management solution offers strategic, simple ways to control business spends. This tool is designed with lightweight, intuitive, graphical user interface that can be used from single centralized platform.

Use the right solution

You need to use the most appropriate Budgeting solution for your business. It should help you to plug in the holes that otherwise drain precious money unknowingly and result in fewer profit margins.

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