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10 Ways To Secure Your Small Business Network

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Your small business is vulnerable to hackers and cyber-attacks. Hence, it becomes crucial to optimizing your business network security without any further delay. Otherwise, you stand to lose sensitive data and thousands of dollars. Even experienced professionals find it tough to maintain a secure home or small business network. However, with some tips from the experts, you can secure your network.

10 steps to secure a business network

1. Install Firewall:

The firewall selected should match your business scope and size perfectly. The network firewall is designed to lock the ‘ports’ which may be used for hacking purposes. A strong firewall can help deter unwanted people from getting into your system.

2. Setup VPN:

This is the next step to follow. With the VPN in place, you can log onto your network to use an encrypted tunnel to access the web. This, in turn, hides your data and activities from spies. If your business requires employees to work remotely, then this step is crucial.

Small business network security

3. Update Firmware:

You can secure small business network with updated Firmware. Otherwise, your network is prone to get hacked as it becomes vulnerable. According to industry experts, most BIOS tend to share similar code, thereby allowing outsiders to uncover vulnerabilities. Update your Firmware periodically with the latest version to remove all security loopholes. It will also ensure proper hardware functioning.

4. Install Antivirus software:

Its installation helps to eliminate viruses, malware and adware. These techniques are used by hackers to enter your network and cause costly damage. If safe computing practices are not followed, then your network system is prone to infection and hacking. The best antivirus software can help secure a small business network immediately after its installation.

5. Employee training:

Researches found that businesses that did not provide the latest training to their employees on safety suffered data breaches. Such companies reported social engineering and phishing, with the cause being the end user not being adequately informed or taking a careless approach. Business network security can be improved by conducting training sessions periodically to review the best IT security practices. Also, develop a cybersecurity awareness culture in your small business.

6. Penetration Testing:

It is also referred to as pen-testing. This process involves hacking methodically your system to identify the vulnerabilities present, from multiple vantage points. This is one of the most important steps to secure a business network that you should not neglect. With this test, you get to know the vulnerabilities that exist in your network devices and host network.

7. Data backup:

There are chances of your precious data getting stolen. Taking data backup every day or weekly can help secure small business network. It should be kept offsite within a locked, floodproof and fireproof facility.

8. Employee monitoring:

It is likely to be beneficial in the following ways:

    • Identify if any employee behaves carelessly, only increases the risks of facing cyberattack threats.
    • Identify if anyone in your business can be termed as an internal threat.
    • This data can be used to educate uninformed or prevent malicious employees.

9. Outsource your IT:

Outsourcing IT does enhance business network security in various ways.

    • Maintaining in-house IT staff is expensive and also requires periodical training. Third-party providers can offer a set monthly fee and help you know where your money is going.
    • They are trained to respond to emergencies and manage servers.
    • They employ highly talented, certified and skilled professionals for the job.
    • They work round the clock.

10. Data recovery plan:

This can help prevent disaster on a large scale if there is a reported network breach. There should be set some procedures for different types of disasters and attacks.

If you are serious about enhancing your business prospects, then you should consider the given steps to secure a business network.

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