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10 Ways Green Office Design Trends That Will Make Your Workers More Productive

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The workplace is a busy place, and the people who work there are often under a lot of pressure. With so many different things to take care of, it’s important to have a place where workers can go and get some peace and quiet. Efficiency can greatly increase business’s growth.

For the past few decades, most workplace design trends have focused on the interior design, or aesthetics of the space. Aesthetics include everything from the color scheme to the furniture design. But as companies continue to focus on sustainability and reducing their carbon footprint, some companies are moving away from traditional office spaces and towards green office design.

What is green office design?

It’s an approach that focuses on creating a truly sustainable workplace through efficiency, innovation and flexibility. This can be achieved by designing for energy efficiency, reducing waste and taking advantage of renewable resources.

Here are some green office design trends that will help you create an environment that’s as productive as possible:

1. Use natural light

Natural light is one of the most important elements in any successful office space. It provides energy savings, helps with productivity and increases employee satisfaction. If you don’t have windows in your office, consider installing them; they’re easy to install and they can help boost business by making employees feel more comfortable in their workspace.

2. Use plants

Plants help create an airy feel in any space, but they also help absorb CO2 emissions from manufacturing and reduce the need for air conditioning systems. For example, if you have a large open area in your office (like a conference room), consider putting plants near it so that they provide better insulation against noise from outside traffic or other sources of noise pollution.

Use plants green office design

3. Reduce Noise

A lot of noise pollution comes from computers, printers and other devices. It can be distracting and lead to fatigue in the workplace. You can use soundproofing to reduce noise levels by installing speakers or adding acoustic panels to walls.

4. Add Energy Efficiency

The most efficient way to save energy is by switching off lights when not in use. You can do this by installing motion sensors in the room, which turn off all lights when no one walks into the room. You can also use LED lights instead of incandescent bulbs to save energy and money on electricity bills over time.

5. Reposition Furniture

If you want to reduce dust in your office, reposition furniture around your desk so that it doesn’t block traffic when people walk by your desk while they’re working at their computers or reading materials. This will also make it easier for those who need to pass by them while they’re working on something else too.

6. Green lighting

The right lighting can make a big difference in how much you enjoy working at your desk. If it’s too dark, you may lose focus on what you’re doing because it’s hard to see what’s before you. On the other hand, too much light can cause eye strain and make it difficult to concentrate on tasks at hand. The best way to find the right balance is by experimenting with different types of lamps and shades until you find something that works for your needs. You should also consider buying energy-efficient lights so they won’t waste any energy while providing enough illumination for your workspace.

7. Use natural materials for walls, floors and ceilings

The use of natural materials for walls, floors and ceilings is among the top workplace trends as it is an excellent way to create an ambiance that promotes tranquility. The use of natural materials such as bamboo and hardwood instead of synthetic materials like particle board and fiber cement can also help you create a more relaxed workspace environment.

The use of natural materials in the office is also a great way to build awareness about green practices and encourage your employees to undertake other green initiatives.

8. Carpeting

Carpeting office design trends

Carpeting is one of the most common green office design trends that you can use in your workplace. Carpeting is not only comfortable but also adds warmth to your interior decor. It also protects against noise pollution by absorbing the sound. Plus, it’s an easy way to create a warm atmosphere in your office space.

9. Wooden desks

A wooden desk gives off an aura of warmth and comfort that many people find appealing. However, wood desks come with their own set of problems such as uneven surfaces and crevices that make it harder for employees to work on them efficiently. You can solve these problems by applying some paint on the surface or even adding knobs or drawers to keep things organized at all times.

10. Ventilation systems

Ventilation systems help improve air quality in a room by circulating fresh air throughout the space regularly so that everyone feels comfortable working there all day long. They also ensure that each employee has enough fresh air.


If you’re redesigning the interior design of your office, building a new office, you must think about design that is as environmentally friendly as it is attractive. The green office design trends above are a good starting point and they represent good ideas to keep in mind. Of course, if your business has an eco-friendly focus there will likely be other green office design trends that fit better with the way you operate. Discover greener workplace trends to help accelerate business’s growth.

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