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10 Top Affiliate Link Cloaking WordPress Plugins in 2023

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Affiliate marketing is becoming popular in different parts of the world because it helps to earn high profits. On the other hand, marketers should follow certain techniques to increase traffic to a website. Affiliate link cloaking is one such practice that involves setting up a URL redirect and disguising the original link. This will help make the link simple and allows users to click the same easily. Link cloaking provides several advantages to affiliate marketers. However, those who use WordPress for affiliate marketing should choose the top link-cloaking plugins to achieve the best results.

Knowing the 10 best affiliate Link Cloaking WordPress Plugins in 2023

1. Pretty Links

Pretty links wordpress plugins

Pretty Links Plugin is available with a variety of features. The plugin is easy to install and offers robust link-cloaking functionality. The primary advantage of this plugin is that it helps to know the number of unique clicks and the number of clicked links. Some of the best features offered by Pretty Links include easy link branding, on-page link optimization, auto-rotating links, etc.

2. ThirstyAffiliates

Thirstyaffiliates wordpress plugins

It is one of the popular WordPress cloaking plugins to select in 2023. Some of the features provided by the plugin include helpful integrations, time-saving automation, optimal affiliate link redirection, etc. Moreover, it allows users to ensure optimal link redirection that help get protect the commission to a large extent.

3. EasyAzon

Easyazon wordpress plugins

EasyAzonplugin is a perfect choice for those who want to generate links for Amazon items faster. It helps learn the basics of networking that provides methods to accomplish goals significantly. Some of the features offered by the plugin include multiple affiliate ID support, automation, pop-ups for product information, etc.

4. Simple URLs

Simple urls wordpress plugins

Affiliate marketers can use the Simple URLs plugin to manage and track outbound links on a website. It is suitable for affiliate link cloaking purposes enabling marketers to gain more advantages. Furthermore, the plugin makes feasible ways to avoid permalink issues that can affect the SEO performance of a site.

5. Easy Affiliate plugins

Easy affiliate plugins affiliate link cloaking

Easy Affiliate plugins come with a wide range of features and tools. The plugin is compatible with both the Classic Editor and the Gutenberg Block Editor. Besides, it is ideal for business analysis to track performance with ease. The tool provides ways to track all the links on a website whether they are cloaked or not.

6. Amazon Auto links

Amazon Auto Links plugin is ideal for affiliate marketers who use the Amazon website to sell their products. It provides ways to display one of the products in blog posts without using any shortcodes.

7. URL shortener

Url shortener wordpress plugins

URL shortener plugin allows affiliate marketers to create sharable links for social media, email, and other promotions. It is suitable for referral marketing that helps generate more profits. The plugin provides ways to create links to any page on a website by addressing essential needs.

8. ClickerVolt

Clickervolt wordpress plugins

ClickerVolt is a one-stop shop for affiliate marketing that offers the best features. The plugin is suitable for networking purposes that help reach more customers quickly. It is also compatible with social media ads, Google ads, etc.

9. WooCommerce Cloak Affiliate Links

Woocommerce cloak affiliate links wordpress plugins

This plugin is free that allows marketers to set up different types of redirects. Marketers can use the same for business analysis to make the right decisions accordingly. However, it doesn’t offer any tracking features.

10. Geniuslink

Geniuslink wordpress plugins

It supports major affiliate networks allowing marketers to get the desired outputs. The plugin is the best choice for referral marketing that helps grow the business. Another thing is that it gives ways to increase conversion rates with A/B testing features and reporting features.

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