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10 Tips to Building a Better Social Media Presence

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The advent of social media has revolutionized the way how organizations conduct their business. There have emerged numerous social media sites that boast of having millions of users from all over the world. Hence, such sites do make amazing places for businesses to expand their reach. It also allows them to make aware of their presence among potential clients and enhance their goodwill. It is important to build social media presence immediately or lose your precious customers to your competitors.

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How to increase social media presence – 10 solid tips to follow

  • Recognize your targeted audience: There are different types of people using different social media platforms. Not everyone is likely to be your audience. Hence, identify your target audience and this, in turn, will let you know the sites to use. They can be your prospective customers, influencers and industry players. This will allow you to focus better and derive the best results.

Recognize targeted audience social media presence

  • Seek relationships and not merely followers: How much followers you have managed to get is not the question. Rather, you should try to engage with your followers to develop healthy relationships. It will be great to have 100 people loving and engaging with your content rather than 1,000 ignoring you. You need to be ‘social’ as it can help your form better relationships with your followers.
  • Be Human: People these days are more eager to know more about you and your business. A personal approach is what is desired to survive and make profits. Most brands have come out in the open to even crack jokes or do bold talk like friends. Brands that offer robotic responses are not favored upon. The human presence is more expected.

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  • Editorial Calendar: Big brands tend to post relevant content consistently. You may perhaps be using several social channels and ticking boxes with regards to description and post time. how to increase social media presence? You can ease this process by following a content calendar as well as optimize content reach.
  • Avoid hard-selling: Your social media account should not promote ‘hard sell’, although there is an increase in social selling. Ecommerce businesses can offer followers lucrative deals and discounts. It is equally important to provide timely replies to questions asked by followers and/or non-followers.
  • Automate correctly: Automation is favored currently by all companies. It is not just possible to autopilot your social presence successfully and remain aloof. Improper automation will only make your social followers seek your competitors. It is necessary to personalize social media and not automate it.
  • Stay active: Your brand will not benefit from an inactive social feed. You need to post fresh content every day to show you are active on the leading social media sites. You can select, prioritize social networks based on audience location. Incorporate social automation and scheduling, thereby saving energy and time.

How to increase social media presence social media sites

  • Monitor your activity with different tools: You can come across several analytic tools that you can put to good use. You can identity your performance trends, top-performing content as well as break-down social media presence with numbers.

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  • Make presence known: You have put in lots of effort to develop your social media presence. In such a case, make this an open secret to everyone concerned. Be it email signature, icons present on the site footer or homepage feeds, make everyone to become a loyal follower. Integrate Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook feeds into your site.
  • Optimize account for better engagement: You can optimize profiles by filling up your account information, through keywords and images.

Following the above tips will allow you to build social media presence.

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