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10 Surprising Things You Need To Know About Netflix Password Sharing Crackdown

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There are several social media platforms like Netflix that have emerged to be popular entertainers among people of all ages. Some even claim to have a large fan base spread across the globe. Some even share amazing customer reviews.


It is one of the popular platforms that are viewed by millions on a daily basis. These days, this platform seems to be getting serious after looking away for years. It is now cracking down on those sharing passwords. Hence, you should be aware of what to expect in the future. Subscribers are likely to pay more for sharing their accounts with friends and family members. What happens in case you get caught?

Vital questions answered

1. Can you share your account with others after this crackdown:

The company’s Help Center states that account can be shared only with those staying at the same premises. It can also be used if traveling between different homes or going outstation. Sharing your account is a strict no-no if the user does not reside in your household. This aspect is spelled out very clearly in their terms of use.

2. Why this company is taking such actions on password sharing?

It is among the popular video streaming businesses for quite a long time. They did not have any issues with their subscribers sharing their accounts with others. In 2016, the company CEO considered it a ‘positive thing’ as several sharers had purchased their own accounts. But stall in company growth and shrinking of its subscriber base, the blame was partly placed on password sharing.

3. Is it illegal to share your account password:

Is it illegal to share your account password netflix

It is considered to be somewhat of a gray area! The company might cite the three decade old CFAA (Computer Fraud & Abuse Act) as federal law, thus making sharing password a crime. However, too much uncertainty and ambiguity surround CFAA. The fact is that 10 different lawyers are likely to provide 10 different answers on sharing passwords of such OTT platforms.

4. How such video streaming businesses get to know about your sharing password of someone else:

This company claims to use a combination of account activities from different devices, device Ids, and IP addresses used to sign into the account. This is to determine if the account is used within the household of the primary account holder or not. Also will be sent a 4-digit verification code that the account holder is to use to verify the device.

5. How this crackdown is likely to work:

This company has recently carried out some tests. It provides some hints as to how password sharers are to be cracked down. It will ask them to verify their accounts as well as provide options to pay more for sharing with someone outside their household. It is first among the OTT platforms to offer borrowers with the faculty to transfer their profile to own account!

6. When the crackdown is likely to take place:

The fact is that this company has already started its password-sharing crackdown campaign. Customer reviews show that users were asked to verify their accounts by providing them a 4-digit code. The ‘Verify later’ option is also provided to allow users to enjoy streaming movies even in case they did not possess the code.

7. What will be the sharing cost:

This company is yet to specify the amount it desires to charge for sub-accounts. The fee that was charged during its pilot campaigns were found to be about a quarter of their standard subscription rate.

Thus, the above aspects clearly show that Netflix is slowly, but steadily cracking down on password sharing.

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