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10 Qualities of A Great Team Member

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Teamwork is effective and is apparent in the success of organizations. Most modern businesses are trying to understand the effectiveness of teamwork. Whether it is a ground or a business leadership competency is a must for any organization. Effectiveness in work requires people to work closely and to wear many hats. Thus, a team with a few number of people or many qualities of an effective team player allows them to hold themselves through. Accepting responsibility as a team and as individuals is one of the qualities of a good team member.

Qualities of a good team member

Qualities of an effective team player

1. Clear direction

Moving projects is the aim of organizations that pull people into groups without deciding on the desired outcomes. They fail to understand that a team’s success is in its successful outcome. Thus, it is a must to decide on team goals and their outcome as the first step. Start at the finishing line as it is the outcome you desire. Give flexibility to the team so that they develop and get there in the best possible way.

2. Open and honest communication

Communication in any team is crucial between members. It works as perfect chemistry and allows us to see how frequently team members communicate. The communication manner determines team effectiveness.  The more freely your fellow team members talk to you and vice-versa, the better. It assures you are comfortable in sharing ideas and insights.  In communication, listening is important. It is a way of finding things out. It is a sign of respect and the qualities of an effective team player.

3. Support change and risk-taking

There is full support from good teams,and they do not mind experimentation and risk-taking for change. They consider first-time mistakes as learning opportunities.

4. Defined roles

Shifting of roles is possible after the assembling of a team. However, knowing the thinking styles and skill sets is a must. A team that is working on developing a new product will also need a detail-oriented person. It is because he will keep the work going on track and ensure a methodical approach. In planning the basics, choosing strong team members helps carry the project ahead.

5. Mutually accountable

Qualities of a good team member are about accepting responsibility as a team and as individuals. Failures or mistakes are for the entire team, and no one can push the blame on another. Teamwork is where no one can spend useless time and give personal justifications. Success is a celebration, and even the recognition of contributions and performances is for the total team. There is no recognition for any individual.

6. Communicate freely

Communication is a must. The team members should communicate frequently and freely. It determines team effectiveness. Discuss any issue relating to the project before everyone so that there will be a solution. It will also have a common view and may be helpful.

7. Common goals

A successful team is where members position a common goal above their interests. Completing tasks is the success of teamwork, as everyone is working on a common purpose. It is a must-have qualities of an effective team player.

8. Encourage differences in opinions

There may be a difference in opinions. It is best to encourage and to address it. Suppressing it will lead to deep issues. Instead, having and accepting one goal is a must for a team member. At the same time, divergent opinions enhance team performance. It ensures competitive advantage. Different opinions come with new ideas and give scope to more creativity.

9. Collaboration

Collaboration is about being together. The idea is simple, the more you communicate, the more you collaborate and create success stories.

10. Team trust

Team members make effective teams when there are effective communication and trust. It is one of the Qualities of a good team member that the organizations give team-building exercises. It helps in putting team members in a trust position.

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