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10 Qualities Every Instructional Designer Needs To Succeed

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Some instructional designers are quite talented. They can develop engaging, captivating courses students can benefit from. However, a few are just found to not suit the job. So, what qualities are desired in the designer? Also what eLearning courses they are to have completed to imbibe in the necessary skills and expertise?

10 Qualities that a good Instructional Designer should possess

Be it a seasoned veteran or a newbie, there are certain key attributes that the designer must possess.

Constant Upskilling:

The designer should be passionate about teaching and learning new things. Also, they are to be specialists in their field while upgrading themselves in the latest digital learning solutions. For this, they are to avail online courses, attend workshops/conferences and network with other like-minded industry professionals.

Right education:

They should love learning, helping others to learn as well as be passionate about what they undertake. Their course should clearly reflect their passion for teaching and learning. They are to follow the current industry research, studies, instructional design models, eLearning blogs, ongoing instructional design courses, etc.

Collaborative in work style:

Collaborative in work style instructional designer

Collaboration is considered to be the key to deriving a successful course. Although own online course can be developed, collaboration can help take this course to a much higher level. The designers should be open to collaboration and feedback while working closely with team members.

Creative at Work:

They should be creative in their efforts and experiment with new things and ideas to ensure coming out with engaging courses. eLearning is evolving constantly. Creativity will be desired to stay ahead of competition and push boundaries. It is possible by using the latest Multimedia Design to make learning more interesting and fun-filled for students.

Detail Oriented:

This is a trait that the Online Faculty Development designers should exhibit. eLearning curriculum and courses have tons of fine details and moving parts. Hence, the designer needs to have a keen eye for minute details to achieve success. They should recheck for accuracy as well as to ensure little details being taken proper care of.

Focusing on results:

Using digital learning solutions, focus should be on results achieved. Students should be interested in taking up the developed course and complete the same. The learning materials should be easy to understand and questions provided should measure the course success. Necessary adjustments and changes should be made along the way depending on what to learn and deliver the desired results.

Highly organized:

eLearning courses creation and management requires proper organization. The designers are to keep proper track of moving parts while being top of everything. It ranges from course outline development to ensuring materials being in order. Moreover, they are to organize resources and time, enabling them to meet deadlines and be on schedule.

Visual thinking:

Visual thinking instructional designer

While developing eLearning curriculum, visual learning will be essential. Visuals should be developed using Multimedia Design and graphical elements to make it eye-catchy, creative and highly engaging.

Understand Learning Theory:

The designers need to apply to their Online Faculty Development courses diverse learning theories. They are to be aware as to how learning theories are to be applied in the eLearning setting. Students have different learning capabilities and hence, different teaching strategies and methods are to be applied.

Great listeners:

It is equally important for the designer to listen what students have to say. This will help develop a conducive eLearning environment. Apart from being good listeners, it is equally important to get feedback from students.

Deriving all the above qualities

Hence, the Instructional Designer is expected to have the above qualities to achieve success in this particular field. This way, a course can be developed to meet everyone’s needs.

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