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10 Customizable Employee Appreciation Ideas for Your Next Event

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You may own a successful business and have engaged employees in different departments. Whatever your type or size of business, your employees are undoubtedly the face and pillar. Without them, you will be unable to run your business smoothly or maintain satisfied, happy customers. Even Remote Workers contribute a lot towards business success. Hence, every employee does deserve much more than a mere ‘Thank you’! Your employees should feel valued for their efforts and time. Proper appreciation can bring out the very best in them. You will also be able to retain top performers, improve productivity and boost morale.

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Customizable Employee Appreciation Ideas

1. Annual retreat:

In case you have the budget, then do plan annual company retreats. Find out from your employees the locations where you can afford to hold picnics or stay for a couple of days. Also find out if their families can be taken along, thus making it a grand get-together for all involved.

2. Sponsor volunteer programs:

It is necessary for all businesses to consider providing the community with something and make everyone feel good. You need to show your community that you care for them and their well-being. Sponsor charitable events and volunteer opportunities. Besides Breakroom treats, provide your employees with a day off for attending such events.

3. Host happy-hour events:

Free drinks and food are sure to win favors. Promote team building by hosting such events. Take the team to some popular bar or restaurant. Allow your employees to mingle with others and relax. Also include non-alcoholic options, thereby none is left disappointed.

Host happy hour events employee appreciation ideas

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4. Employee recognition events:

Employee recognition programs when established can help recognize each member formally throughout the year. Each team can also be encouraged to develop their own program to recognize peers every day. Team members can offer incentives and rewards or verbal recognition to those who have accomplished their set objectives.

5. Offer bonuses and raises:

The employee recognition program should also include providing raises and bonuses to deserving candidates. This is for their good work and efforts put to develop their department or the company. It can also help retain the best employees while ensuring greater satisfaction and enhanced productivity.

6. Training opportunities:

Most employees seek to grow within the company. It will be wise to offer such employees career development and skill training opportunities. Such programs can prove to be powerful motivators. Top-performing employees should be offered learning and networking programs.

7. Corporate gamification system:

Such systems enable token or point allocation for making certain achievements or completing tasks. Both regular and Remote Workers should be encouraged to use these tokens/points and choose a variety of employer-selected rewards. It can be small or big rewards.

8. Gift cards:

These also motivate employees to achieve big targets. It also allows them to do anything desired with the funds received from the cards. A Bank gift card can be a great selection as it doubles effectively as cash. It is easy and also affordable to store and give out gift cards to recognize performing employees.

Gift cards employee appreciation ideas

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9. Arrange wellness day:

Work-life balance in recent times has become a hot topic. Occupational burnout is said to have a severe impact on the productivity and mental health of employees. Hence, arranging wellness programs for your deserving employees will show you care for their health. Organize fitness classes, mindful sessions or massages.

10. Feed them:

No person can resist tasty Breakroom treats. A good meal or snack when organized can show your appreciation towards their efforts. Treat them with something they like and it is sure to boost satisfaction and keep them motivated to do better. Team lunches should be promoted at least once a week.

Appreciate employees the right way

There is plenty of customizable Employee Appreciation Ideas that you can find out on the web. Choose those that your employees will be happy to have.

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