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10 amazing ways to boost your blog traffic through social media

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Do you love writing quality content for your blog? Do you get all the benefits from your content marketing? If not, you are not marketing your content effectively. It does not make any sense to promote your blogs through paid advertising, but the other effective options are SEO and social media marketing.

Most of them might say that sharing of blog on your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ profile page but that is not it. It is more than sharing on your profile. If you want your blog to go beyond popular social networking sites for marketing your blogs on social media. We recommend you look for some truly effective tips to make your blog shine across social media.

How to create a blog?

How to create a blog?

Step 1: Choose your blog niche and a blog name

Step 2: Find the right hosting platform.

Step 3: Setup your blog through web hosting and register your domain name.

Step 4: Configure your blog and design your blog by choosing a theme. Add logo and change structure and colors.

Step 5: Write your first blog posts and pages

Step 6: Launch your blog and keep improving.

Once you have decided the niche of your blog and all set for a web presence, choosing the right web hosting platform like GoDaddy is important. It is a complete solution for web hosting and it has gained popularity across the globe with its services, themes, and offers like  50% off on Godaddy web hosting. Whether it’s a managed web hosting that you’re looking for or domains that you have been eyeing for a long, GoDaddy has all of them for you.

Here we have listed some ways to prepare your blog to be socially shareable on some of the unique platforms that are not common like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In to share your blog post. If you want to use your social media to boost your blog traffic. Here are eight ways to do that.

1. Write on useful content

It is the first step that sets up all other steps listed for success. Your social media audience wants the content they share to make them appear simple and sophisticated. So, the content you produce must be unique and useful, unique information which is rarely found anywhere else. Even if the content already exists on the web, the way presents it must be different enough for social media readers. Apart from content, they will also be attracted to the title and images.

2. Integrate social media with your blog

Integrating social media into your blog means bridging the gap between popular social media sites and your blog. People visiting your blog need an easy way to connect to your blog and share your blog content via social media elements that are integrated into your site. The integrated social media platforms can be in the form of social media buttons that helps your readers engage with your blog and share button that helps the reader share your content on social media logins to that help the reader comment on your blog and share on their profile.

3. Share your blogs on your social media pages

If readers are not coming directly to your site, you can go to them instead. Share your blog posts on as many social media platforms as you can. Probably you are already doing this. But getting certain things right will help your efforts. Share your post frequently. Do not share all at once for a week. Share one or two blogs every day and be consistent. Check for the optimal time to post on your social media pages, you can use different tools to check the optimal time for every social media page. You can use them so that they are integrated to make social media posting easier and more productive. When you share a blog post on any social media, the platform writes a message in your own words about the posts to attract the attention of the readers. Use hashtags with keywords related to your posts and add them to your updates on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+

4. Create a relationship with other bloggers

Be aware of other bloggers in your niche, but what can you do with that information to help promote your blog. Read and share their blogs comment on their blogs on social media platforms to either acknowledge or appreciate the information shared on Twitter. If you have a link to your blog in your Twitter bio the blogger will check your blog via the link given in your bio. Make a list of the top 10 bloggers’ posts and link back to the bloggers. They will acknowledge a link back and post about it on their various social media platforms. You can invite bloggers to guest write a blog for your blog and return them a favor by guest writing for them.

5. Social bookmark your blog posts

Bookmark your blog on high-profile sites which have a good audience base. But this strategy is the most overused in the past so much that social bookmarking is not as effective as it was earlier. To make your presence in social bookmarking sites you will have to invest more time to try and bookmark, like, comment, or share other blog posts. This will encourage the activity of your post bookmarks. There are other social bookmarking sites available, but it is always good to stick to a few of them and update them regularly.

6. Join Social media communities

Join Facebook groups and LinkedIn groups that are relevant to your niche. These are good platforms to gain recognition for both your blog and yourself. You can start by joining a conversation and help those who have doubts, just like you would have in a forum. Eventually, you can share the links to your blog. Do not share your blog’s link aggressively. Another way is to joining meetups that can be organized online or face to face.

Ways to boost your blog traffic through social media

7. Don’t forget about your old blog posts

When you share content on social media do not limit yourself to new content. Sometimes you can also share your old content which is now in trend or relevant. You may have new followers who have not seen those blogs before. To avoid repetition with older audiences, you can change the title of your blog posts in your social media updates.

8. Share parts of your content

You can also share more significant parts of your blogs as an update on your social media profile. You don’t have to accompany such posts with links to your blogs. This will be a fresh variation of updates that your fans and followers would enjoy. There are few quick ways to promote your blogs on social media. Social media posts can be fun and the results are worth it. Social media signals also contribute to your blog’s search engine ranking.

9. Ask for shares

Ask your friends and family to share your new posts on their Twitter, Facebook Google+, and Linked In. Include this call to action at the end of every blog post and through your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and other social shares. This takes 10 seconds to follow and the results you can see the positive results.

10. Use pictures and Gif

Add eye-catching, relevant, big pictures to your blog posts and make sure your images preview properly on social media websites. The image which pops up with your posts gains a lot more attention and attracts the readers. Always add a picture to your blog as most platforms pick it as a thumbnail image for the posts.

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